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trail running 101 clinic

I was recently asked to be a Vasque Ambassador, to spread the word on the great trail shoes they have (I’ve been running in the Velocity lately and love them!). Since the upcoming Scenic City Trail Marathon is part of the Vasque North American Trail Tour, I will be leading a clinic Friday evening at Rock/Creek. OK, I am a bit nervous about this – I’ve lead a few small clinics before about adventure racing, but this seems a bit more official.

On another note, I sadly will not be running the half marathon as planned. This injury from the Cohutta race lingered a bit too much for me. Last week’s 45min run went ok, so I’ll up the distance this week, but I don’t feel comfortable jumping up to 2hrs of a hard effort. I’m sure I could pull it out, but I don’t want to feel any negative effects, esp since this isn’t my focus right now. (after Leadville I’ll be turning it up again!) I will be at the race though cheering people on and keeping them hydrated!