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amanda (my colorado cousin) got into town on tuesday morning for her whirlwind trip thru tennessee. after some coffee, we headed up to lookout mountain for some hiking. i’m not too familiar with the area and wasn’t sure how to get us to sunset rock. finally we found the incline and parked there, depositing all the quarters we had (1hr, 45min). we walked down to point park, but not wanting to pay the entry fee (yeah, we’re cheap), we walked 30min along west brow road (gorgeous homes!) and finally got to sunset rock.

from there, we hiked along the bluff trail and went in the back way to point park. by now we were running low on meter time and hightailed it… but alas, the evil meter maids had left me a nice lil present. (luckily only a $5 fine). then we hit the Y for a swim (first time i’ve been in the water since last summer’s xterra!).

on wednesday we hit the road and headed east to asheville. we stopped at the ocoee to check out the whitewater center (site of the 96 olympics). the water was down on the upper section, but still cool to look around.

next, we headed up the nantahala gorge. after a late lunch at the River’s End restaurant (using a gift cert I won at last year’s tsali challenge), we hit the trails for some mountain biking. i got the old tre8k in working order for amanda to use. even though she usually rides a full suspension, she rode strong. we did both the left & right loops plus the overlook, for a total of about 20 miles.

after, we snuck a quick shower at the campgrounds and headed to asheville. we stopped in at my friends’ house for a bit (chilton had just gotten a new rope swing in the tree and was having a ball!). then on to see amanda’s old roommate sara, whom we stayed with.

thursday, after a lazy breakfast at the early girl eatery (my fav there), we headed to out for some more mtn biking at nearby bent creek. this was my first time here and sara led us on a great 2+hr ride. these gals love their downhill! (greens lick trail nearly licked me!) after a late lunch and shower, i headed back to chatty.

colorado… the final entry…

I’ve been back from vacation a week now and I’m totally missing it! I had a great time out west and highly recommend everywhere I went. Here a few links just in case you are lucky enough to indulge….

Vista Verde Ranch
Catamount Ranch & Club
Steamboat Springs
Ski Cooper
Tennessee Pass Nordic Center & Cookhouse
Melanzana – AWESOME clothes!

Day 2: snowshoeing up to the Catamount yurt for lunch

Day 3: Amanda and I up at the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse

Day 6: Winter Carnival in Steamboat… the only marching band on skis!

Day 7: classic skiing at Vista Verde

more colorado pics

the rest of my trip was of course amazing! i found out that i am a nordic girl at heart – loved the skate skiing and classic, but was absolutely terrified when i put some tele skis on and hit the beginner slope. those little kids kicked my ass down that mole hill! in general, the weather was pretty warm – not that different from chattanooga actually. (the week before though, temps were in the negatives!) now that i’m back from vacation, i have the grass is greener syndrome… i’m just about all ready to pack up and move :) now, back to reality… sigh!


winter in colorado!

having a blast out here in steamboat & leadville! will write more later about my skiing debut… pics are posted here