A few licks of the Triple Loop Scoop

Triple Scoop stickers

I’ve had this nagging on-again, off-again knee injury that keeps resurfacing at the most inappropo times…. such as for Wendy & Mark’s fun run, The Prentice Cooper Triple Loop Scoop. This was to be 2 loops of  the Mullens Cove trail (from the recent River Gorge Race’s 10.2 mile course) and 1 loop of the 6.5mile race course. Fun event, fun people, good snacks, good weather. The only thing missing was my good knee. So as to not miss out on everything, I took a nice hike out to Snoopers Rock (insert a scenic break here) and back. Sure, it was tough to keep it slow on such a gorgeous day (with everything exploding in color!), but I was happy to just be in the woods for a bit.


I swear there's a trail thru there

Chillaxin' at Snoopers

1 scoop with lots of pollen sprinkled on top (the shoes really aren't supposed to be that yellow!)

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