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anti-dooring campaign

thankfully i haven’t been “doored” but have had some close calls. Dooring is when a person in a car opens a car door into or in front of a cyclist. I guess it might be more of a problem in chicago, where they actually have an awareness campaign going on. i ran across this nice poster recently when i was browsing for design inspiration…

this post has been sitting in my blogger “almost ready to post” file for awhile, but was having problems getting the photo to upload. my friend joel out in SF got doored today. thankfully he was ok, but thought i should go ahead and get this up!

so riders, don’t get too close to parked cars.
and drivers, look back before you open your door!

bug season

unfortunately, it’s still gnat season in the south. (does it ever end?)

riverbend festival

every year, madness converges upon downtown chattanooga for 9 sweaty, loud, drunken days. i biked down a few nights to help out with Outdoor Chattanooga‘s Bike Valet (free bike parking right outside the gates!), sneaking in on occasion to catch some of the groups on the smaller stages (in particular, Bluetastic Fangrass, Alejandro Escovedo and Jennifer Daniels were awesome!).

there is also the annual Riverbend 10k/5k run. i decided to jump in the 10k as the week’s speed workout. i haven’t done a road 10k since the ’05 Peachtree, so it would be interesting to see how my speed was progressing. it was one big messy mass start – 1100+ runners were participating. luckily wide roads helped people spread out quick. the course was ok – it started downtown, through the mess of early morning music festival grounds before trash cleanup, over a few bridges for some hills, along the riverwalk, and down the not-so-scenic amnicola hwy. my first 2 miles were good, the next few hurt a bit more… a bit literally, as we were mostly on nasty concrete with no give for your joints. short races are tough for me; i have to remind myself constantly that it will be over soon so there is no time to relax.

around mile 5.5 we’re back in the festival area and merge with the 5k course. normally i wouldn’t have thought this to be a problem, but with lots of walkers meandering along, it got a bit tough for us runners wanting to push through quick. in one spot i was trying to pass a pair of women chatting it up, when one veered into my path with a baby stroller. aaack!! luckily no one went flying, but my groove got out of sync. seriously race directors, this sort of course planning is simply not smart.

anyways, mishaps were avoided and i made the final turn and started the ascent to the finish line (how cruel!) i finished with a guntime of 56:50, a pr for the 10k distance. go me!! it ended up being good enough for 2nd place in my age group (out of 35 women). and because i’m a statistics junkie, that put me 6th overall woman, and 57/337 total in the 10k. not so bad for an off-road endurance runner ;)

one note of something new i tried pre-race: banananuun. MMMM! go out and get some. this stuff is fantastic and only around for a limited time!

EDIT: As I was so kindly reminded, locally in Chattavegas you can purchase nuun at my favorite running shop, Fast Break, and my favorite outdoor retailer, Rock/Creek. Show your love to these fine retailers!

$5000 raised for The Boonies at the Scenic City Trail Marathon & Half…

(from the press release:)

Locally-owned specialty outdoor retailer Rock/Creek today announces a $5,000 donation for The Boonies, the latest in a string of donations stemming from the Rock/Creek Trail Series. The Boonies will use the money to help run future events as well as secure access to single track trails. These funds came from last Saturday morning’s third annual Scenic City Trail Marathon and Half Marathon, presented by Vasque PROJECT and Rock/Creek. Other contributing sponsors include SmartWool, Marmot, The North Face, and Hammer Nutrition. Local sponsors include Greenlife Grocery and Cleveland Toyota.
Proceeds from both events go to The Wilderness Trail Running Association (aka The Boonies) and will be used for future trail races, trail maintenance, and sustainability efforts in the Cumberland and Southern Appalachian Mountains. A portion of the money raised will go to help with SORBA’s trail building efforts.

read the full press release