broken things…

#1. my road bike. yup, i’ve joined the ranks of Those That Drive Their Cars Into Their Garages With Their Bikes Still on Top. dumbdumbdumb. that distinct sound of a hollow carbon fiber fork snapping in two is unmistakeable. It sits in 2 pieces right now. fingers crossed it is not a total loss. Anyone want to hook me up with a 52cm loaner for a little bit? (I guess this means i won’t be buying that new cyclocross bike i was hoping for!)

#2. heart. ok, in this case it isn’t really broken, but rather, problematic. i’ve had breathing issues for awhile, coupled with some annoying palpitations on occasion (sidelined me at the Blankets Duathlon, Raccoon SERC Race, Tsali Challenge, Leadville…). Asthma? Who knows… my pulmonary dr a few weeks ago said that my chest xray was normal and any asthma i has was slight. (but here’s a bunch of meds to try and see if symptoms are alleviated. uh, yeah doc. whatever.) so on to the next dr – my cardiologist, dr steve austin (awesome guy!). he found a few inconsistencies in one test and referred me to a cardiac electrophysiologist, who i saw today. dr david wendt (super awesome guy!) told me that i have type 1 second degree heart blockages. WTF! it’s not arterial blockage as may first come to mind, but rather interruption in electrical conduction. thankfully it is a benign condition and i don’t need to do anything about it. in fact, he wasn’t really surprised that i had this either – said it is not uncommon in high performing athletes.

so, what next? of course i could just cut back the intensity of my training and racing, since that is when most of the problems arise. but the doc said that didn’t seem to fit my lifestyle. (WOW, a dr that understands me!!), so it’s on to a few more tests. we’ll do what we can locally, then make the decision on whether or not to seek treatment with someone that specializes in working with athletes. (he recommended either CO Springs, or the Cooper Institute in TX.) so, we’ll see…. but it’s nice to know that i’m not going to keel over dead. (i must say i totally freaked out when i was first told what was up. thanks to all my friends for being there for me!)


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  1. Your cardiologist is the bionic man! Cool!

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