running update

the crew at Edward’s Point

still playing catchup with some pics. these are from last weekend’s run at signal mtn. i felt good and ran somewhere around 15 miles (2h44min). i’m definitely making progress, although starting to feel a little apprehensive with the upcoming race. i’ve resigned myself to the fact that the Challenge will once again not be a possibility and at this point, i’m hoping i can whip out the 5hrs necessary for me to do the marathon. (‘course i would like to beat last year’s time). we’ll see. my plan will be to continue to increase my weekly mileage smartly. (but i bombed that with no long run this weekend. dumb me. there was a velo vixen training ride i joined saturday, with intentions of running after, but some errands and dealing with AT&T; (#!%!?*!) just wore me down. i did have a nice run today – in the rain – but much shorter than it should have been. i did try to work in every nearby hill though, which in this neighborhood is pretty significant).

Suck Creek

Joey at Mushroom Rock

Sergio on the Swinging Bridge

the Tennessee River from Edward’s Point
(looking towards Chattanooga)

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