February 2008
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Day February 1, 2008

snow pic, greenway cross race (report + pics)

finally getting some pics uploaded!

my back porch a few weeks ago!

The pics below are from the SCV Cyclocross Race at the Greenway Farms last weekend. (I didn’t really take any at Columbia since it was so flippin’ cold.) This race (my 2nd!) was much more technical than the previous: full of tight twisty turns and some mud thrown in for good measure. One turn in particular was nice and slick – my bike was dancing under me each time, but luckily I didn’t slide out.  After this was a set of double barriers (these were definitely a few inches taller than Columbia!), followed by a steep hill – totally rideable, until it turned to peanut butter. I made it up during my 3 warmup laps and first 2 race laps, but only got halfway up before jumping off and running up the last bit (for the last 3 laps). The women’s Cat4 field was pretty stacked – Kim & Susie, the #1 & 2 gals in the state that I met last weekend; Lisa, and 3 others. I got 5th place – not bad, but not fab. Fun times though! (still no pics of me racing cross yet unfortunately).
The pics below are from the Women’s Pro/1/2/3 + Mens 3/Masters race. I stationed myself at the top of the peanut butter hill, as that seemed to be the biggest challenge. As the race wore on, the mud only got worse. 
There’s only 2 more races in the season, up in Knoxville. I’m planning on hitting one more. Then it’s on to the rest of the year!