Rock/Creek Race Team

This year, I’ll be joining the Rock/Creek Race Team  at events all over the southeast. While the team primarily focuses on endurance trail running, I think they are pretty cool with my multisport adventures. The team is a great group of very talented athletes – I hope some of their speed wears off on me :)   We’ll be working closely with the Boonies on a new trail running series that will be kicking off soon – more details on the series to come.

Big thanks to Rock/Creek Outfitters for their sponsorship and support, as well as Patagonia, who will be supplying great gear for us to race in. 


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  1. mmm…patagonia…

    sweet deal, congrats!

  2. great to have you on the team. it’s about time. I guess we just had to wait for Farmer to retire to open up a spot…

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