Holiday Adventures

So the holidays are officially coming to a close and while I had a great time with family and friends, training has been nil due to this lingering cold. (day 15?? honestly! might be time for the doc…) I’ve missed a lot of important trainings that would have kept me on track and primed for Mitchell, including today’s annual Frosty Challenge. The silver lining is forced downtime which means added recovery for the groin pull. I got one short run in down in FL inbetween the sniffles that felt pretty good with no soreness the next day.

Here’s a few pics from adventures with my nephews, who kept me on my toes all the time. More pics posted here.

me, erick, evan, ethan, liz, kevin

helping ethan clean his first doves!

evan on his new scooter

the boys monkeying around

ethan & evan testing their new cars

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