highs and lows of the weekend


i finally got back outside! the dr gave me some antibiotics on thurs and i was feeling a million times better by saturday. i got a short trail run in at lookout (45 min – didn’t want to push it on day #1 back!). on sunday i headed up to raccoon for a lap. it was perhaps a bit more than i should have done, (i was wiped out at the end!) but the temps were warm, the company great, and i’ve missed my bike a lot (haven’t been on since thanksgiving). we even went on some new stuff that was a blast!

ice on lookout mtn from last week’s hard freeze

on new years day, meredith emerson went hiking with her dog at vogel state park in blairsville, ga… a place i’ve trained and raced in many times. she never came home. the story was all over the news and it really hit home, even if i didn’t know her. tonight her body was found in Dawson Forest – the site of the two Midnight Rush Adventure Races Kevin Fordham and I put on a few years back. we knew that area like the back of our hand. to think of what happened there gives me the chills.
my run on saturday was solo. i must say i looked over my shoulder a few times and left the ipod at home. granted, i was on well-traveled trails, but that just isn’t enough sometimes. there has been much talk on the trailblazers message board about all the solo training we end up doing, whether it be on foot or bike. it’s always nice training with a group, but with work schedules, family commitments, etc, inevitably we go about it alone. shoot, even small groups aren’t foolproof. last fall i was with star & lisa on a 4+ hr ride on the forest service roads south of tanasi when 3 guys on motorcycles went by. we kept moving forward until we saw them stopped up the mtn a bit; we promptly turned around and hauled ass out of there. luckily they didn’t follow. 
this brings up the question (posed on TBARC) of personal safety when training in wilderness areas. i was surprised to hear how many folks have handguns they carry. but would it do any good in a pack? in your saddle bag? i don’t know what the answer is, but i think a lot of us will be searching for one. it won’t stop me from going out… and i don’t think that i have to be with a male at all times (as has been suggested by some people). but i will definitely be more aware, try to make smart decisions, and let people know where i am + for how long.
my prayers and condolences go out to meredith’s family & friends.


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  1. i agree. this whole story had really upset me…just so sad.

    interesting, i posted the same thing about carrying a handgun on the SORBA board and several people jumped on me like I am acting like an irrational scared girl. WHATEVER! it is definitely in my future..sooner or later.

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