gotta love my crazy friends

an email received this afternoon:

We are planning the inaugural Sick Bird for Feb 2nd. Start time is 9am at the commons area on Lookout Mtn.
The Sick Bird consists of:
Riding off lookout and over to Raccoon Mtn visitor center. Run the 11 mile loop (trails).
Ride back up Lookout Mtn and finish by running Big Daddy 12.5 miles.
If you’re interested this is a self supported deal.

i might create the injured bird variation (run only 1 of the loops – not quite up to that much volume. close though!) IF my road bike arrives this week. (supposedly it is being boxed up and shipped out tomorrow… JESSE, ARE YOU READING THIS?!? :) if it doesn’t arrive, maybe i’ll join folks at raccoon for a run, then ride my mtn bike. and i could graciously become a support vehicle as well…

btw, there are a few other crazy events like this. the official Big Daddy event involves road biking, trail running, and Spam. ick.


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  1. I agree completely! Your friends are nuts. Have fun, whatever variation you do.

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