January 2008
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Day January 31, 2008

head’s up!

just got this fyi forwarded to me…. i might be riding tanasi this weekend, but luckily that’s before this construction is going on.

> Just a quick note that TVA will be flying electrical towers into place
> using helicopters beginning Feb 4. It will last all next week.
> The flight pattern will be from the Stump Fill road (near Hwy 64) across TR
> Xpress & Thunder Rock Hiking trail.
> This will be a long-line operation over the Tanasi trail system so heads up
> when the helicopter is flying overhead. If anything goes wrong in flight,
> the first objective for the pilot is to punch off his load. So avoid being
> under the helicopter if possible. If it is in front of you, slow down
> until it passes by.
> Please pass the word around and be safe.