on the injured reserve list

last thursday was our normal speed workout at the GPS track. it was a bit colder out, but i didn’t think much of it. we warmed up around coolidge park, then did 2 laps of cat & mouse. next we planned a hawk and dove lap before the real workout began. this exercise has a staggered start, with the goal of everyone finishing at the same time. the slowest person goes first, then you have to judge when to go based on your own speed. i let the dove get about 100-150m and started. 2 strides in i felt an instant tightening in my groin. oooh, not good. i kept running, but could tell it wasn’t quite right. it felt worse as the night went on (yeah, silly me kept on running, although not at a normal speed night tempo). for 2 days i had some pain, but that subsided and has left me with a stiffness there that isn’t quite right. sigh.

i tried to take it easy this weekend…. i was definitely out of the Boonie’s FatAss 50k, which was really a perfect distance for me in prep for Mt Mitchell. i was hoping to be able to do the cyclocross race, figuring it was shorter and maybe doable… but realized i just wouldn’t be able to swing my leg over my saddle time and time again. oh well. instead i played spectator to that race (pics to come) and went to the post-fatass party at Krandyland.  (we watched the dvd they  made during their Rim to Rim to Rim run of the Grand Canyon in October – I’m so doing that next year!)
sunday i was being greedy and since i thought i was feeling better, i did a trail run with the vixens (possum creek gorge). i took it way easy though, running about half the distance i normally would have in the time allotted. i stuck with some trail newbies and we had a great time. that afternoon i did a swim clinic with the Krystal Chiks – hoping to pick up some tips from local coach Dale Tillman. my favorite thing she said…. saying we needed to be in the water 3x/week. i’m thinking wow, if i make it in once a month i’m doing good! yeah, not my fav thing… the water at Baylor was too cold.
so now here i am, 1 week later and extremely restless. no running, no cycling. no weight lifting (due to 2 aggravated shoulder injuries from yoga and mtn bike crashes). i am able to do 2 things: swim (yes, i actually went to the Y last night for 30 painfully boring minutes), and Vantaggio’s Boot Camp. WOW. more on this later. we meet at 6am and i can’t be late or we’ll be punished with Motivational Exercises. luckily i haven’t been late yet, but the lack of sleep is starting to wear on me.  off to set the multitude of alarms….


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  1. i sympathize! my shoulder is healing also…. :(

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