September 2007
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Day September 6, 2007

is it called recovering or tapering?

last week wore me out. to top off 4 days of hard running, i met some atlanta friends at raccoon on sunday for nearly 4 hours of mountain biking (albeit leisurely done). then with monday being a holiday, i just had to get outside and enjoy some great weather, so we do the blue hole run at montlake. it’s one of my favorites and not that bad – just 10 miles… but sadly, my legs wanted no part of it. tis ok though; it was a great day and better to be out there than sitting at home (where i could have been catching up on work!)

i’ve been taking it a bit easy this week – which gives me no excuse for not posting a review of my first omnium experience (sorry mallie – it’s coming!) meanwhile, rebecca hurt her knee in an ultimate tourny last weekend, so my morning workout partner is temporarily on the DL. so i’ve been hitting snooze a bit more :)

this weekend is a race i’ve wanted to focus on, but haven’t quite done so: the Tsali Challenge. Last year I was 8th in the women’s solo division (and 9th the year before). so i really want to kick some butt… with monica pregnant, and shelley not coming this year, that should be 2 spots open ahead of me…. right?! carol and i are hoping to defend our female team championship as well if we can nail down a last minute replacement for our runner ann who is injured. regardless, a weekend in north carolina will be fab!