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colorado… the final entry…

I’ve been back from vacation a week now and I’m totally missing it! I had a great time out west and highly recommend everywhere I went. Here a few links just in case you are lucky enough to indulge….

Vista Verde Ranch
Catamount Ranch & Club
Steamboat Springs
Ski Cooper
Tennessee Pass Nordic Center & Cookhouse
Melanzana – AWESOME clothes!

Day 2: snowshoeing up to the Catamount yurt for lunch

Day 3: Amanda and I up at the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse

Day 6: Winter Carnival in Steamboat… the only marching band on skis!

Day 7: classic skiing at Vista Verde

more colorado pics

the rest of my trip was of course amazing! i found out that i am a nordic girl at heart – loved the skate skiing and classic, but was absolutely terrified when i put some tele skis on and hit the beginner slope. those little kids kicked my ass down that mole hill! in general, the weather was pretty warm – not that different from chattanooga actually. (the week before though, temps were in the negatives!) now that i’m back from vacation, i have the grass is greener syndrome… i’m just about all ready to pack up and move :) now, back to reality… sigh!


winter in colorado!

having a blast out here in steamboat & leadville! will write more later about my skiing debut… pics are posted here

report from the summit of mt mitchell

3 weeks until the Mt Mitchell Challenge…
I’m a weather addict:
conditions at the summit
picture from the summit


a snowy recovery

So this week has been a bit lazy, but it’s ok – I need a bit of a recovery, right?? Wednesday, Chattanooga woke up to a nice coating of snow – a nice (little) taste of what I’ll be seeing next week in Colorado! Most of it melted by the next day, but some was still stashed on Raccoon Mountain for today’s mtn bike ride (about 13 miles).

So this brings me to the rest of my recovery. I was feeling good, stretching, taking epsom baths, had a massage.. did a light session on my trainer on Tuesday. Thursday I wanted to hit spin class, but it was full so I did weights and hopped on the treadmill for a light run. I did a 5min light run, but my right shin area was feeling a bit off. I stopped & stretched, then did another 10 minutes before I realized I just couldn’t do any more. Today’s mtn bike went pretty well, but towards the end (where there was more climbing), I started to feel it a bit more. Not a bad pain at all, but more of a sensation that just doesn’t seem right. a light tightness.

I stopped by Fast Break (local running store) to talk to Joey. His thoughts are that it is Anterior Compartment Syndrome. Bascially, the muscle becomes inflamed and too big for the sheath that surrounds it. When this condition is acute, bad things happen (that I’m not going to think about, but ironically, this was a condition shown on the Grey’s Anatomy 2 days before Mountain Mist.) If this is what I have, it’s not severe at all. But, I must be careful so it doesn’t continue to be inflamed. That means… more rest. Ugh!! Not what I want to hear when I have another event on the horizon. I’ll play it safe though, as this year is ramping up to be pretty good and I don’t want to sit out and watch for 3 months like last year!