weekend misadventure // reasons to be thankful

i decided to forego my biking trip in north ga today as my legs were still in need of some post-race r&r; (the ITB is feeling better though) and was finally able to coerce 2 friends into paddling today. the day ended up being beautiful, with some warm sun and little wind. after a great couple of hours cruising on the chattahoochee, we stopped by starbucks and headed home. we had just gotten on the highway, kevin in my car and carol in the car ahead… when all of a sudden we notice the boats fly off. i see them in the side & rear view mirrors… shocked, i immediately pull over and we scramble out. thankfully the car behind me was far enough back to avoid the boats and the cars behind them also. somehow, the boats were actually still attached to my rack. i look at my car; no rack! the entire freakin’ thing was detached. WTF?? again, thankfully, the boats stayed in their lane (far right one) and we ran out quickly and dragged them to the shoulder. since they were still attached to the rack, it was easy and quick to do. then i just stood there in shock. this whole thing had disaster written all over it and somehow, thankfully, i avoided all. the boats didn’t hit anyone. no one hit the boats. no one hit eachother when dodging the boats. the boats were not damaged. my car was not damaged. i’m still a bit shaken by this whole thing. i just used up a lot of luck. i think i’ll lay low tomorrow.

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