weekend double feature

This past Saturday was the Currahee Adventure Duathlon. This has become the race I do each year with people new to the sport. I coerced some of my BOD lasses, Ashlie & Justine, to join me this time for their first multi-sport event. Then last minute, Jackie & Carol joined also… this worked out well since both 2 and 3 person teams were allowed. We became Team Bad Lasses 2 & 3; BL#1 was Norma, Kate, and Lisa. The race was a rogaine, so once we started, it was up to us (or rather Me the navigator!) to decide our fate. The navigation itself wasn’t difficult, but choosing how to get to each proved to be challenging. No Bike Zones dotted the course, and with no bush/bike wacking allowed, route choice was key. I think I could have evaluated things a bit better, as we ended being on our feet more than anticipated. We were close on our time, but we managed to sneak in to finish in 5hrs 45min with all checkpoints successfully tagged, making us 2nd & 3rd in the all-female division. Our truly badlassed gals #1 finished 1st, taking 4th overall (and whipping some boy booty). Kate is just getting into adv racing – the hook is getting deeper!

Then on Sunday, I joined the TrailBlazers and Tri-Atlanta for a trail half-marathon at the Chattahoochee. The weather was not as sunny as yesterday, but the temperatures were perfect. Bill Pfleuger had marked the trail with flour for us to follow. The crowd was smaller than expected, but the event was great. While I run these trails fairly often, I discovered many new ones today – esp the ones near the paper mill ruins and alongside of sope creek. I had always heard there was a creek, but never realized it was so big and beautiful. If I wasn’t in a “race”, I’d have stopped to hang out for a bit. very peaceful, with fall leaves, water flowing over rocks, geese, etc. My final time (which included a wrong turn and 2 sections of scrambling over rocks at the creek’s edge) was 2:36. a bit lazy for me, but I didn’t go all out. and I haven’t ever timed myself with this distance on a trail before. I think it is perfect timing though, with the Atlanta Half just around the corner (and I do have a goal for that day!(

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