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Month January 2005

swim practice kicked my ass last night.

we were swimming the entire time – you know, the real swim that i’ve not really got the hang of yet. my breathing is totally off and i’m kicking way too much. hopefully i can snag some one-on-one lessons soon. 4.5 months till race day!


trying to set up this whole blog thing. testing….

post NGAR recovery

finally feeling just about normal. soreness gone, sleep almost caught up, and my ravenous appetite has subsided. official results are also in: 16 teams officially completed the course, with another 4 finishing unofficially (probably having 1 team member drop). my team, 3 Blind Mice, finished alternate course 2, giving us an 8th overall finish and first in the masters division.

the day after…

i can hardly move. the soreness is uniquely painful.

conquering NGAR!!

i survived NGAR! and somehow managed to pull off an official finish on an alternate course!! the final results aren’t up yet, but i think only 15 or so teams out of 85 that started crossed the finish line. the basics (for my team… navigation choices make it vary bet teams):

13 mile run/trek

20 mile paddle with a 2mile run to pick up a checkpoint

69 mile bike (green mtn trail + stanley gap + FSR)

6 mile run/trek to get 2 CPs during a rogaine section

8 mile run/limp to finish on alternate course 2.

118 miles, around 31.5 hrs.

the experience…priceless! now i’m going to bed!

kissing the dirt at a new trail

finally got to enjoy this strange springtime weather with a biking excursion to clemson with some friends. great trails, great time… except for my endo/faceplant combo. i should have seen it coming, as my position on the bike had been a bit off. i ate it quite nicely. no major cuts, although i’m quite colorful. my neck is very stiff though – whiplash?? squeezing in some physical therapy this week to hopefully loosen up before my big race this weekend! NGAR

quote of the moment

(as seen in a mtn biking video shown during spin class tonight): When in doubt, chicken out. (I think I take this too literally sometimes. Consider this my ny resolution: to not chicken out when not necessary. There. commitment.)(damn, where’s the delete key???)